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PBC News & Comment: Are Media to Blame for Rise of Trump?

Corporate media execs—more than journalists—are responsible for free, fawning coverage of Trump where facts don’t matter…..–Nick Kristof wrote his mea culpa in the Sunday NY Times

–Mona Chalabi has mixed views, in this Guardian op-ed

–Trump revokes his pledge to support another GOP candidate, says he would criminalize abortion

–in strong op-ed, Sara Morrison talks back to Obama on his call for reporters to hold Trump accountable

–in strong editorial, NY Times slams Obama for being “vague and disingenuous” about escalation in Iraq, Syria

–Sen. Leahy asks State Dept. to investigate Egyptian and Israeli human rights violations like extrajudicial killing last week

–Kerry rebuffs plea from father of MH-17 victim to release satellite coverage of airliner shot down over Ukraine, reports Robert Parry

–Sanders camp debates Clinton camp over plan to debate in New York, Clinton official condescends like a teacher to student

–FDA eases rules for use of abortion pill, welcome relief in TRAP states like Texas

–new ProPublica report shows that prosecutors are rarely held to account for errors and misconduct

–lawyer for the late “DC Madam” is determined to release her phone records, saying a presidential candidate is involved