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PBC News & Comment: Swiftboating of Bernie Sanders Escalates

Paul Krugman and Washington Post editorial repeat and amplify phony attacks on Sanders using intentionally twisted Daily News interview quotes…–Krugman plays the role of Clinton surrogate, using campaign talking points and spin to claim that Sanders is “over the edge” in today’s column

–inflammatory headline and pro-bankster editorial in Washington Post built on false analysis of Daily News interview

–latest polls in NY and CA show why Clinton team is worried: HRC’s 60-point lead in California is reduced to 6 points 2 months before last big primary

–in episode first reported by right-wing Weekly Standard, Bill Clinton unravels HRC’s effort to distance herself from his awful record on crime and prisons

–News American blog provides “a short history of the Clintons and racism”

–Hillary Clinton laughs off the email investigation

–but legal scholar Jonathan Turley isn’t laughing, as he comments on the unusual lawyer arrangement for her top aides

–GOP law professor makes case against HRC for mishandling classified information, in USA Today

–Pope Francis issues his encyclical that changes tone, not teachings; he also invited Bernie Sanders to speak at Vatican next week on social and economic justice

–Koch brothers and their rich pals are giving up on GOP presidential race, will focus its millions on buying Senate races

–DEA tells Sen. Elizabeth Warren it is considering reclassification of marijuana

–belying its pledge about hacking “one phone, one time”, FBI continues to fight the same fight in Brooklyn drug case, with a very skeptical judge

–neocon Max Boot exposes Obama’s furtive escalation in Iraq, which Boot supports and PBC doesn’t

–Syria releases American photojournalist after 4 years

-–RT releases report based on CIA officer’s new book, with some details of the US plan for regime change in Syria