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PBC News & Comment: Clinton and Sanders Trade Tough Charges, It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here!

In bold, risky move, Sanders returns fire on Clinton’s challenge to his qualifications and demonstrates he’ll fight to the finish–if you read the transcript of the Sanders interview with the NY Daily News, it’s clear that the Clinton team is Swiftboating Sanders, attacking on his strengths

–blogger Mike Konczal vets the Sanders interview, says Sanders gave consistent, credible answers on breaking up banks

–key quotes from the Daily News interview show that Sanders was lucid, and that the interviewers added confusion on many issues

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola exposes the Clinton campaign’s new strategy to “disqualify and defeat” Sanders, and they will woo his supporters later

–prompted by recent problems at New York nuke plant, Sanders calls to shut down Indian Point and other reactors, Clinton talks about utility rates

–actress Margot Kidder shows how the Hillary Victory Fund bought the loyalty of superdelegates, average price is $64,000

–in rare critical commentary on Clinton campaign in corporate media, Boston Globe op-ed cites recent missteps and losses, predicts “trouble ahead”

–desperate GOP senators author spurious bills about Guantanamo in cheap ploy to scare people into voting for them, reports Charlie Savage

–British prime minister Cameron admits he profited from his father’s offshore fund

–while Panama Papers may yet produce revelations of criminal activity, US offers many ways to hide money without going offshore