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PBC News & Comment: Target and Victims of America’s Drone Wars Speak Out

Pakistani peace activist Malik Jalal has survived three drone attacks, Yemeni teen al-Wisabi describes that drone that almost killed him….--Jalal’s moving commentary is here

--Vice report on Yemen drone strikes is here, tentative cease-fire is in effect

--as Obama reviews his incoherent strategies toward IS, State Dept. spinmeister gives upbeat recap of our undeclared wars in Iraq, Syria

--U2’s Bono says he’s serious, send comics to defeat Daesh

--John Kerry racks up miles, and smiles, but few achievements in Bahrain, Iraq, Afghnistan and Japan

--Obama-Clinton support for the 2009 Honduran coup is unpacked by Kevin Gozstola in this report

--Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley is first senator to endorse Sanders

--in rambling essay, lefty iconTom Hayden displays ambivalence, lists several reasons to support Sanders, then shocks his fans by concluding he’ll vote for Clinton

--Trump failed to read the GOP primary and convention manuals, but he’s still correct that the system is rigged

--100 former state attorneys general sign letter to Obama demanding pardon for former AL governor Don Siegelman

--Alabama TV station exposes effective gag on Siegelman, their request to interview him has been pending for 20 months

--on E-Bay, you can bid to buy the shirt off Siegelman’s back and help fund new documentary about his case