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PBC News & Comment: Showdown in Brooklyn

In likely final debate for Dems, Sanders and Clinton face off in Brooklyn in advance of Tuesday’s crucial NY primary–your humble host is interviewed by Joan Brunwasser at OpEd News about the Swiftboating of Bernie Sanders

–in 2-part in-depth interview with The Nation’s John Nichols and Prof. Bob McChesney, we talk about the 2016 race, including my swiftboat label

The Guardian profiles a few Wall St. bankers for Bernie

A spate of news on surveillance and encryption:

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang details CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, which is investing in social media monitoring

–federal appeals court rules that collection of cellphone location data is constitutional, even without a warrant

–FBI used hacking software 10 years ago to beat encryption used by animal rights activists

–Canada’s federal police have had backdoor to Blackberry devices since 2010

–Microsoft sues US over gag orders in surveillance warrants

–NY webhoster Nick Merrill was released from his Patriot Act gag order after 11 years

–Sens. Feinstein and Burr go public with draft bill to require back doors opened when court issues warrants

–Senate Judiciary Committee approves FBI whistleblower reform

–Kevin Gosztola details the report from Chicago’s police accountability task force, confirming “deep and systemic racism”

–in international outrage, Israeli soldier who executed wounded Palestinian will be charged with manslaughter

–at The Nation, Dave Zirin salutes NBA star Steph Curry for comments on North Carolina’s new discrimination law

HBO premieres new drama-doc on Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas’ confirmation

–as taxpayers like me struggle to fill out the Obamacare form, corporate tax cheats get $27 in corporate welfare for every dollar they pay in taxes