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PBC News & Comment: Showdown in Brooklyn

In likely final debate for Dems, Sanders and Clinton face off in Brooklyn in advance of Tuesday’s crucial NY primary--your humble host is interviewed by Joan Brunwasser at OpEd News about the Swiftboating of Bernie Sanders

--in 2-part in-depth interview with The Nation’s John Nichols and Prof. Bob McChesney, we talk about the 2016 race, including my swiftboat label

--The Guardian profiles a few Wall St. bankers for Bernie

A spate of news on surveillance and encryption:

--at The Intercept, Lee Fang details CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, which is investing in social media monitoring

--federal appeals court rules that collection of cellphone location data is constitutional, even without a warrant

--FBI used hacking software 10 years ago to beat encryption used by animal rights activists

--Canada’s federal police have had backdoor to Blackberry devices since 2010

--Microsoft sues US over gag orders in surveillance warrants

--NY webhoster Nick Merrill was released from his Patriot Act gag order after 11 years

--Sens. Feinstein and Burr go public with draft bill to require back doors opened when court issues warrants

--Senate Judiciary Committee approves FBI whistleblower reform

--Kevin Gosztola details the report from Chicago’s police accountability task force, confirming “deep and systemic racism”

--in international outrage, Israeli soldier who executed wounded Palestinian will be charged with manslaughter

--at The Nation, Dave Zirin salutes NBA star Steph Curry for comments on North Carolina’s new discrimination law

--HBO premieres new drama-doc on Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas’ confirmation

--as taxpayers like me struggle to fill out the Obamacare form, corporate tax cheats get $27 in corporate welfare for every dollar they pay in taxes