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PBC News & Comment: In Brooklyn Debate, Sanders Wins on Palestinians, Min. Wage and Bank Breakups

In contentious final debate, Sanders opens up many new lines of attack on Clinton, who was feisty, snarky and opportunistic…–in lengthy exchange about Israel and Palestine, Sanders breaks some new ground by criticizing Israel, while Clinton uses the Frank Luntz talking points to demagogue the issue, as Max Blumenthal explains in this Processing Distortion excerpt

–Sanders suspended newly-appointed Jewish outreach director for year-old comments

–Sanders was weak on gunmaker liability, and Clinton figuratively pistol-whipped him with emotional connection to Sandy Hook

–Clinton was bobbing and weaving on $15 minimum wage and bank breakups

–Sanders red-eyed to Rome, and at the Vatican he quoted Francis and other popes in calling for a moral economy

–Thomas Frank notes that Bill Clinton’s crime bill destroyed lives of small-time criminals, while deregulation of banks enabled big crimes

–Clinton and Sanders join DNC lawsuit against Arizona over botched primary

–in Part 2 of our interview, John Nichols and Bob McChesney talk about their new book People Get Ready, about automation and the future of democracy

–in the House, GOP Neanderthals promote racist “nightmare” abortion bill

–in the Senate, bill would ban sales of bombs to Saudis due to civilian deaths in Yemen

–in second recent victory for California teachers union, appeals court rejects challenge to teacher tenure

–just before anniversary of Gulf oil blowout, Interior Dept. issues new rules for offshore drilling

–in Brazil, pivotal impeachment vote may happen this weekend

–Please call the White House comments line at 202-456-1111 and add your voice to the call for a full pardon for former Alabama governor Don Siegelman

–UC Davis administration hired PR firm to scrub the internet of embarrassing photos and stories of 2011 pepper spray incident