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In-Depth Interview, Part I: John Nichols and Bob McChesney Comment on 2016 Campaigns

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Journalist/media reformer John Nichols of The Nation and Prof. Robert W. McChesney return to talk about the 2016 presidential race, media reform and money in politics.First of two installments, in today’s podcast we talk a little about the new Nichols/McChesney book on the future, People Get Ready.

We talk a lot about the current, wild presidential primaries, the role of the media in the rise of Trump (and ignoring the rise of Sanders) and the free-for-all debates that make no attempt to provide equal time to competing candidates.

We discuss the attacks on Sanders and my “Swiftboat” references, along with the recent Atlantic article that uses Soviet emigres who hate Communism to suggest that Sanders the socialist is a communist, and tops its off with a graphic that depicts Sanders surrounded by drawings of Lenin.

We talk about Tom Hayden’s surprise turnabout, endorsing Clinton, and Sen. Jeff Merkely’s endorsement of Sanders, the first by a fellow senator.  We touch on the historic importance of the Wisconsin primary, and commend media critic McChesney for not being sure who Matt Lauer is.

It’s a wide-ranging conversation with many interesting comments.