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PBC News & Comment: NY Primary Voters Face Propaganda and Voting “Disaster”

New York primary voters find closed polling places, broken machines, and phony reports of votes flipped from Sanders to Clinton….–speaking for the rest of the nation, your humble host has had enough of “New York exceptionalism” and Big Apple boosterism

–fake Huffington Post reports vote flipping on electronic machines, but New York doesn’t have any of those machines; exposed by Brad Friedman and Mark Crispin Miller; here is the link to the FAKE HuffPo page

–on Sunday, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman slammed The Nation and the left in general for ignoring signs of election irregularities, potential for rigging

–Sanders campaign challenges legality of Hillary Victory Fund

–in social media, it seems thousands of amateur pundits are advising NY voters

–here’s a well-written critique of Clinton’s record in Latin America

–and here is a lengthy takedown of Sanders that has some accurate points but rehashes many false attacks, including the swiftboat memes

–the 1994 crime bill and America’s incarceration problems are finally getting attention, as Cornell Prof. Peter Enns comments in our latest in-depth interview

–by the numbers, the War on Some Drugs is an abject failure

–at TomDispatch, Karen Greenberg details Obama’s puzzling approach to closing Guantanamo

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola profiles Gitmo’s oldest prisoner, who may never see freedom again

–former Gitmo prisoner Omar Khadr, who was a teenager when he arrived, is about to get married

–Jesse Jackson calls Chicago’s Homan Square “an international disgrace” and demands that it be closed

–in the brutal immolation death of Palestinian teen Khdeir, ringleader who claimed insanity is convicted by Israeli court

–Joe Biden tells moderate Zionists at J Street of “overwhelming frustration” with Israel