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PBC News & Comment: NY Primary Voters Face Propaganda and Voting “Disaster”

New York primary voters find closed polling places, broken machines, and phony reports of votes flipped from Sanders to Clinton….--speaking for the rest of the nation, your humble host has had enough of “New York exceptionalism” and Big Apple boosterism

--fake Huffington Post reports vote flipping on electronic machines, but New York doesn’t have any of those machines; exposed by Brad Friedman and Mark Crispin Miller; here is the link to the FAKE HuffPo page

--on Sunday, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman slammed The Nation and the left in general for ignoring signs of election irregularities, potential for rigging

--Sanders campaign challenges legality of Hillary Victory Fund

--in social media, it seems thousands of amateur pundits are advising NY voters

--here’s a well-written critique of Clinton’s record in Latin America

--and here is a lengthy takedown of Sanders that has some accurate points but rehashes many false attacks, including the swiftboat memes

--the 1994 crime bill and America’s incarceration problems are finally getting attention, as Cornell Prof. Peter Enns comments in our latest in-depth interview

--by the numbers, the War on Some Drugs is an abject failure

--at TomDispatch, Karen Greenberg details Obama’s puzzling approach to closing Guantanamo

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola profiles Gitmo’s oldest prisoner, who may never see freedom again

--former Gitmo prisoner Omar Khadr, who was a teenager when he arrived, is about to get married

--Jesse Jackson calls Chicago’s Homan Square “an international disgrace” and demands that it be closed

--in the brutal immolation death of Palestinian teen Khdeir, ringleader who claimed insanity is convicted by Israeli court

--Joe Biden tells moderate Zionists at J Street of “overwhelming frustration” with Israel