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PBC News & Comment: Women, Non-whites Give Clinton the Edge in NY Primary

Media downplays election problems and rushes to Clinton coronation in election night coverage of pivotal New York state primary…..–unadjusted exit poll data show Sanders lost by 4 points, not 16 and that women, blacks and Latinos came through for Clinton; see Richard Charnin’s analysis here

–hundreds of voters join lawsuit over unexplained changes in registration that prevented them from voting

–polls show Clinton ahead by 13 points for next week’s Pennsylvania vote

–Sanders campaign leaders Devine and Weaver offer different comments on their plans, as the candidate takes a break in Vermont

–in editorial, NY Times says Sanders should stay in the race

–Taliban stages brazen attack on Afghan security building, killing 28

–Syrian ceasefire is collapsing, as Russian and Syrian troops cause 40,000 people to flee from Aleppo

–as many as 500 migrants feared dead in shipwreck off Libya

–Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia at difficult time in US relations with the royal dictatorship

–Sen. Lindsay Graham joins other GOP opportunists in support of bill to enable 9/11 lawsuits against Saudis….do they really want to re-open 9/11?

–Supreme Court just upheld ruling that penalizes Iran for $2 billion in 1983 Beirut bombing of US Marines

–in Michigan, low-level bureaucrats are indicted for Flint water fiasco

–Harriet Tubman bumps Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill