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PBC News & Comment: Democrats in Congress Confront Voter Suppression

Members of Congress held important hearing on malicious laws and tactics that are preventing people, mostly minority Democrats, from voting….–Rep. John Conyers and others demand secure voting and tabulation, and want to reinstate the pre-approval requirements to the Voting Rights Act, more here

–Supreme Court leaves Texas voter ID law in effect

–Supreme Court amends rules to allow FBI to hack a computer anywhere in the US, responding to the child porn case we covered this week

–at Counterpunch, Robert Jacobs warns that the biggest nuclear risk to the West Coast is from Hanford in Washington state, not Fukushima

–Syria ceasefire shattered by new wave of attacks on Aleppo by Russia and Syria, including a Doctors Without Borders hospital

–our latest in-depth interview is with Charles Glass, author and former ABC-TV Mideast correspondent who has covered Syria since 1973, in this excerpt, he notes there are an estimated 1,500 different fighting groups in Syria

–Pentagon announces mild penalties for 16 soldiers in “accidental” bombing of Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan last year

–in another bullshit explanation, Israel says the soldier who executed a wounded Palestinian suspect on March 24 had a “twisted ideology”

–victim of CIA Milan kidnap, Abu Omar, defends ex-CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa, who is being extradited to Italy next week

–Green Beret who beat up Afghan officer for raping a boy will not be discharged

–new polls show Clinton loses to Trump by 2 points, Sanders beats Trump by 15 points

–Clinton insiders say HRC will take “hard line” on any demands by Sanders to move left

–Republicans swarm to Bay Area for state convention, primary warmup, as top advisors to Trump and Cruz are exposed for their roles in Guatemala election

–embattled chancellor of UC Davis is suspended for investigation of nepotism, double dipping and an attempt to whitewash the pepper spray scandal

–listener Natalie Riehl takes issue with PBC comments on Prince and painkillers