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PBC News & Comment: House Unanimously Passes Email Privacy Bill

In rare, welcome departure, GOP-controlled House passes email privacy bill requiring warrant to search email: what if it’s on iPhone?….–Glenn Greenwald highlights new study showing that mass surveillance leads to self-censorship and fear of being monitored

–FBI unveils plan for secret “anti-radicalization” committees, which may just be new ways to infiltrate Muslim groups

–Jason Leopold reports that CIA has violated laws in many ways by using contractors instead of government employees

–outrage of the day: Oklahoma state appeals court rules that oral sex with an unconscious, drunk person is not rape

–Prince apparently was hooked on Percoset, an opioid painkiller he took after rejecting advice for double hip replacement for religious reasons

–many Sanders supporters speculate about him bolting to Green Party or an independent run, here’s an article from The Hill

–my old pal John Stauber says “I told you so” in this commentary

–Sanders supporter Alfredo Lopez notes that Sanders has not scored well with voters of color

–Trump reads a speech about foreign policy with poisoned “America First” slogan and many contradictions

–Ted Cruz gambles to improve his chances in California, by naming Carly Fiorina as Veep

–Obama administration urges states to reduce use of solitary confinement

–San Francisco police scandals widen as lieutenant is charged with coverup for racist-texting cop who was accused of rape