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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Girds for Contested Convention

While corporate media have focused on possible GOP contested convention, Sanders has just said he expects a contested Democratic convention…--arguing that Clinton may not clinch nomination based on pledged delegates, Sanders hopes to deny her first-ballot win, and press superdelegates to switch

--Clinton catches up to Sanders in April fundraising

--in NY Times, Mark Lander reveals that Clinton dragged her feet on talks with Iran, delaying them to second term

--Trump has been saying nice things about Sanders, leading to speculation of Sanders voters switching to Trump

--GOP voter suppression, now sanctioned in Texas by recent Supreme Court ruling, will reshape the electorate in more conservative direction

--filmmaker Margaret Brown just released The Black Belt, showing how Alabama has shut 31 DMV offices to build obstacles to ID access

--FBI seems more interested in preserving secret surveillance than prosecuting suspects

--ex-cop in Philadelphia has spent 7 months in solitary for refusing to unlock his computer, suspected of containing child porn; says he can’t remember password

--after being quoted last week in Washington Post, Don Siegelman is sent to solitary confinement again

--in op-ed, Chelsea Manning calls solitary confinement “no touch torture”

--protesters stormed the Green Zone in Baghdad over the weekend to protest corruption

--CIA takes victory lap on 5 year mark of bin Laden raid, “live-tweeting” the sequence of the raid—as they tell it

--Larry Wilmore showed balls at White House Correspondent’s Dinner, asking Obama who he was killing that night

--peace activist for decades, Father Dan Berrigan dies at age 94; his friend Rev. John Dear talked about him on Democracy Now