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PBC News & Comment: Judge Rules Against Arizona Activists Who Demanded Rerun of Botched Primary

Veteran election integrity activist John Brakey and AuditAZ sued to decertify presidential primary results, but the judge ignores constitutional issues…–blogger Spencer Gundert methodically analyzes Dem primary results, and clearly shows a pattern of election fraud that favors Hillary Clinton, read it here

–on 5th anniversary of bin Laden raid, Russ Baker at WhoWhatWhy details many discrepancies in the official narrative

–on Facebook, many defend the official version with great bluster

–Navy SEAL killed in Iraq combat while he “advised and assisted” Iraq troops

–federal judges are scrutinizing “deferred prosecution agreements” that allow banksters to pay fines and avoid criminal prosecution, but appeals courts disagree

–Puerto Rico defaulted on debt payment, and Congress is on vacation as vulture capitalists press for inaction

–in Colorado, Planned Parenthood gunman is declared mentally incompetent, unlike Batman shooter James Holmes, who was found “mentally ill, but sane”

–Guardian reveals that in Florida, one in 5 mentally ill prisoners is in solitary

–in foreword to new book on drones by Jeremy Scahill, Ed Snowden talks about the motives of whistleblowers

–no surprise, super-secret FISA court rejected zero surveillance orders last year

–former FBI agent pleads guilty to stealing $136,000 from drug seizure slush funds

–Obama visits Flint tomorrow at invitation of 8-year-old girl….will it be more than photo op with Little Miss Flint?

–former Black Panther Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mom, dies at age 69