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PBC News & Comment: Hillary or Bust vs. Bernie or Bust

Low Dem turnout and deep divide between Clinton and Sanders camps lead to contested convention, possible November loss to Trump…–new polls are consistent with old polls: Sanders is better positioned to beat trump, but Clinton loyalists dismiss it, based on emotion, not rational thinking

–NY Daily News columnist Shaun King makes the case

–LA Times affirms our coverage 2 weeks ago: David Brock superPAC is funding pro-Clinton trolls on Facebook and other social media

–in new twist to HRC email investigation, the emails of Bryan Pagliano—her top IT guy who set up the private serve—can’t be found

–in letter to Methodists, Clinton reaffirms her opposition to BDS toward Israel

–neener-neener, “Crooked Hillary” team labels the orange name-caller “Dangerous Donald”

–Sanders holds Yuge rally in Sacramento, 15,000 plus pack stadium; in random interviews, many say they won’t vote for Clinton

–Dutch-owned Budweiser will re-brand as “America” through November and print lyrics from “This Land is Your Land” on labels; Woody Guthrie rolls over in grave, asks for a Miller Lite

–in Brazil, bizarre twist in impeachment saga, as annulment of charges is, well, annulled

–in the Phillipines, a Trump-style asshole is elected president in apparent landslide

–Israeli soldier who executed wounded, detained Palestinian goes on trial

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reveals new numbers of prison transfers, and that US has not protected former prisoners from abuse in native countries

–with blistering rhetoric, AG Loretta Lynch counter-sues North Carolina over its new discrimination laws

NY Times editorial supports soldier who has sued over lack of war powers resolution in war in Syria, Iraq

–White House announces that Obama will visit Hiroshima, but won’t apologize for 1945 US nuke attack