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PBC News & Comment: Hillary or Bust vs. Bernie or Bust

Low Dem turnout and deep divide between Clinton and Sanders camps lead to contested convention, possible November loss to Trump…--new polls are consistent with old polls: Sanders is better positioned to beat trump, but Clinton loyalists dismiss it, based on emotion, not rational thinking

--NY Daily News columnist Shaun King makes the case

--LA Times affirms our coverage 2 weeks ago: David Brock superPAC is funding pro-Clinton trolls on Facebook and other social media

--in new twist to HRC email investigation, the emails of Bryan Pagliano—her top IT guy who set up the private serve—can’t be found

--in letter to Methodists, Clinton reaffirms her opposition to BDS toward Israel

--neener-neener, “Crooked Hillary” team labels the orange name-caller “Dangerous Donald”

--Sanders holds Yuge rally in Sacramento, 15,000 plus pack stadium; in random interviews, many say they won’t vote for Clinton

--Dutch-owned Budweiser will re-brand as “America” through November and print lyrics from “This Land is Your Land” on labels; Woody Guthrie rolls over in grave, asks for a Miller Lite

--in Brazil, bizarre twist in impeachment saga, as annulment of charges is, well, annulled

--in the Phillipines, a Trump-style asshole is elected president in apparent landslide

--Israeli soldier who executed wounded, detained Palestinian goes on trial

--at VICE, Jason Leopold reveals new numbers of prison transfers, and that US has not protected former prisoners from abuse in native countries

--with blistering rhetoric, AG Loretta Lynch counter-sues North Carolina over its new discrimination laws

--NY Times editorial supports soldier who has sued over lack of war powers resolution in war in Syria, Iraq

--White House announces that Obama will visit Hiroshima, but won’t apologize for 1945 US nuke attack