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PBC News & Comment: More Chaos in Brazil as Impeachment Vote is Annulled

In Brazil, after leader of lower house is suspended for corruption, his replacement annuls vote to impeach Rousseff, compounding chaos…Opening music by Brazilian pop band Bide ou Balde

–in our own chaotic presidential race, Trump creates policy whiplash; yesterday, he offered 3 conflicting positions on minimum wage

–Hillary Clinton courts Republican donors and voters, after her supporters slammed Sanders for winning independents “he’s not really a Democrat

–Kevin Gosztola frames it as Clinton running as smart Republican, not a liberal alternative to Trump

–Clinton loyalist and fierce partisan Barney Frank will co-chair powerful Rules Committee at Dem national convention

–Sanders holds rally in Atlantic City, near failed Trump casino; he is expected to win West Virginia tomorrow

–in final delegate count in Washington state, Sanders picks up 49 delegates

–with both candidates sporting extreme negative ratings, a Clinton-Trump matchup will redefine the electorate in unpredictable ways

–former Facebook editor reports anti-conservative bias; in any case, Facebook has outsized influence on many people

–in Alabama, chief justice Roy Moore is suspended again, this time for ordering judges to deny same-sex marriage licenses

–former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman is out of solitary—again

–N. Carolina governor doubles down on the right to discriminate, sues feds over threats of funding cuts

–while right-wing nuts fight over mythical bathroom issues, a bathroom thief in Columbus, Ohio is sought for stealing the plumbing fixtures

–new survey shows that Chicago is a segregated, racist city

–London voters reject conservative rich guy, and elect first Muslim as Mayor

–activist alerts:

–listener and whistleblower Joe Carson asks senators to place hold on renomination of Carolyn Lerner to Office of Special Counsel

–California Assembly will vote this week on obviously unconstitutional                   bill, AB 2844, to punish supporters of B/D/S for Israel

–from tip by listener Dan DeMaria, we learn that police in Annapolis, MD used Stingray to track man who stole $57 in chicken wings