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PBC News & Comment: The Bay Area’s Bad Cops

Federal judge slams San Francisco cop who lied under oath, contradicted by video; deceased Oakland accused of murder, sex w/minor…..–read the Oakland cop crime story here

–FBI releases fresh crime stats, FBI director blames increases on citizen videos that hamper law enforcement

–big setback for Obamacare, as judge rules in favor of GOP House lawsuit claiming Congress did not approve some subsidies

–Obama administration issues order on transgender bathroom access, drawing rightwing cries of “dictatorship”

–Obama continues pattern of deportations, planning to eject Central American mothers and children in month-long sweep

–Libertarian former judge, Andrew Napolitano, takes a critical look at the Clinton email investigation

–GOP attack dog Peter Schweizer debuts film based on his book about Clinton Foundation, aimed at Sanders supporters

–Declassified documents from 9/11 Commission are said to duplicate “28 pages” on Saudi role in 9/11, reports The Guardian

–Syrian war rages on, with 12,000 trapped in refugee camp with no escape routes

–Shell says Gulf of Mexico oil leak is capped, after 90,000 gallons of crude oil leaked

–spoilers used fake bids to derail George Zimmerman’s auction of the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin

–listener Mike Lamb reminds us that May 14 is 46th anniversary of shooting of war protesters at Jackson State; check out Steve Miller’s Jackson Kent Blues here