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PBC News & Comment: Divided Supreme Court Punts on Contraception Case

In falsely-framed Obamacare “religious freedom” case, Supreme Court takes no action and urges lower court to work out a deal….–loosening its grip on the Snowden cache of documents, The Intercept says it will roll out more docs over time

–also at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald’s interview with BDS leader Omar Barghouti, whose travel is now restricted by Israel; Barghouti was interviewed on this podcast in 2008

–in my latest episode of Processing Distortion, I detail dangerous efforts in California to limit speech by critics of Israel

–drug giant Pfizer joins 20 other pharma firms in banning sale of its drugs for executions

–Brian Sonenstein, who writes Prison Protest page for Shadowproof, comments on the shady efforts of prison officials to obtain lethal drugs for executions

–in op-ed, James Downie calls Obama’s drone war a “shameful part of his legacy”

–in Nevada, Dem state convention descended into mayhem as Sanders supporters were denied and Clinton picked up delegates

–the “Clinton two-fer” is back, as Hillary says Bill will be in charge of the economy

–leaning tabloid, Sunday NY Times featured stories and quotes from many women who’ve been abused by Trump, and a few who were given important jobs in his empire

–in Monday’s NY Times, one article details the likely attack lines of Trump against Clinton, and another offers reasons why they will fail

–as Brazil struggles with impeachment and austerity, we learn that more than half of its congress members are considered corrupt

–Alabama now features scandals related to governor, chief justice and house speaker, and Roger Shuler has exposed most of it

–Raging Grannies stage sit-in, blocking railroad tracks for bomb trains near Seattle