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PBC News & Comment: Time for Bernie Sanders to Go Green?

In a thoughtful, detailed essay, Kevin Zeese and Patrick Walker make the case for Sanders to switch to Green Party…–read their arguments at Truthdig

–in wake of Dem convention in Nevada Saturday, Sanders supporters harass chairwoman, with some death threats

–listeners Gary in New Jersey and Chris in Olympia have different reactions

–Kevin Gosztola covers the Nevada convention story

–more Dem infighting: labor leaders who supported Keystone XL want to reject donation from Tom Steyer, a rich guy who is fighting climate change

–spooks say “Whoops!” as CIA admits it deleted its copy of the still-secret Senate Intelligence review of torture

–Peter Byrne reports that news group that revealed Panama Papers was funded by George Soros, but his activity in Panama wasn’t exposed

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on trial of contractor for torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib

–Senate considers language that would permit some Gitmo prisoners to plead guilty via video link

–in risky move, US leads nations in approving arms for Libya’s weak central government

–in risky move, Missouri lawmakers pass sweeping expansion of gun rights, including concealed carry without a permit

–America’s highest paid CEO’s make 355 times the average worker