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PBC News & Comment: Establishment Dems and Corporate Media Gang Up to Tar & Feather Sanders

Despite no evidence of chair-throwing, Dem leaders, media pals equate Sanders with thugs in dirty political games and scare tactics….--Sanders’s impressive win in Oregon and tie in Kentucky are downplayed as media hype Clinton attack lines

--while urging Sanders supporters to shift to Clinton, Van Jones on CNN calls out Debbie Wasserman Schultz for escalating

--Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver calls out Wasserman Schultz for bias

--defiant Sanders rips DNC at California rally, demands that Dems “open the doors” to his supporters

--William Rivers Pitt drops some bon mots at Truthout

--at Counterpunch, Doug Johnson Hatlem reports that Las Vegas reporter Jon Ralston reported “chair throwing” that he didn’t actually witness

--Washington Post may have broken its own record for multiple anti-Sanders stories published in a day, complete with misleading headlines for social media consumption by writers James Hohman, Dana Milbank and Paul Waldman

--our pain-in-the-ass listener Gary Kane is pissed about the idea of Sanders bolting to Green Party, and calls for boycott on Facebook

--South Carolina passes unconstitutional abortion ban at 20 weeks, drawing little criticism

--at Salon, Peter van Buren uses Snapchat metaphor to recap our blunders in Iraq and Syria

--in important appeal, activists who freed minks from cages are challenging draconian Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, read about it here

--remember Greece? Euro bankers are forcing even more austerity on a poverty-stricken nation