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PBC News & Comment: Establishment Dems and Corporate Media Gang Up to Tar & Feather Sanders

Despite no evidence of chair-throwing, Dem leaders, media pals equate Sanders with thugs in dirty political games and scare tactics….–Sanders’s impressive win in Oregon and tie in Kentucky are downplayed as media hype Clinton attack lines

–while urging Sanders supporters to shift to Clinton, Van Jones on CNN calls out Debbie Wasserman Schultz for escalating

–Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver calls out Wasserman Schultz for bias

–defiant Sanders rips DNC at California rally, demands that Dems “open the doors” to his supporters

–William Rivers Pitt drops some bon mots at Truthout

–at Counterpunch, Doug Johnson Hatlem reports that Las Vegas reporter Jon Ralston reported “chair throwing” that he didn’t actually witness

Washington Post may have broken its own record for multiple anti-Sanders stories published in a day, complete with misleading headlines for social media consumption by writers James Hohman, Dana Milbank and Paul Waldman

–our pain-in-the-ass listener Gary Kane is pissed about the idea of Sanders bolting to Green Party, and calls for boycott on Facebook

–South Carolina passes unconstitutional abortion ban at 20 weeks, drawing little criticism

–at Salon, Peter van Buren uses Snapchat metaphor to recap our blunders in Iraq and Syria

–in important appeal, activists who freed minks from cages are challenging draconian Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, read about it here

–remember Greece? Euro bankers are forcing even more austerity on a poverty-stricken nation