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PBC News & Comment: GOP-Run House Defeats Key Amendments on War Powers, Guantanamo

GOP-run House defeats amendments to repeal Bush war powers and end Gitmo embargo, but funds the wars in Iraq, Syria….--Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) led debate on repeal of the blank check given to Bush, Repubs add $18 billion Obama doesn’t want

--Egyptian airliner crashes en route to Cairo with 66 dead

--corporate media continues to paint Sanders as loser, spoiler who’s willing to “harm Hillary in the homestretch” says NY Times

--new poll shows that 91% of voters under 30 want an independent on November ballot, 55% of all age groups

--at The Guardian, Trevor Timm lists 5 things people should stop saying about Sanders

--in our new in-depth interview, Kevin Zeese details how Sanders could win on Green Party ticket

--another Clinton associate testifies about email in court case

--trying to seem presidential, Trump releases list of 11 candidates for Supreme Court, with some truly odd picks; read The Hill’s rundown here, and Roger Shuler’s takedown of Bill Pryor here

--super spy and proven perjurer James Clapper reports that presidential campaigns have already been hacked

--super leaker Chelsea Manning files appeal of her 35-year prison sentence

--after 56 years on 60 Minutes, Morley Safer dies at age 84