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PBC News & Comment: GOP-Run House Defeats Key Amendments on War Powers, Guantanamo

GOP-run House defeats amendments to repeal Bush war powers and end Gitmo embargo, but funds the wars in Iraq, Syria….–Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) led debate on repeal of the blank check given to Bush, Repubs add $18 billion Obama doesn’t want

–Egyptian airliner crashes en route to Cairo with 66 dead

–corporate media continues to paint Sanders as loser, spoiler who’s willing to “harm Hillary in the homestretch” says NY Times

–new poll shows that 91% of voters under 30 want an independent on November ballot, 55% of all age groups

–at The Guardian, Trevor Timm lists 5 things people should stop saying about Sanders

–in our new in-depth interview, Kevin Zeese details how Sanders could win on Green Party ticket

–another Clinton associate testifies about email in court case

–trying to seem presidential, Trump releases list of 11 candidates for Supreme Court, with some truly odd picks; read The Hill’s rundown here, and Roger Shuler’s takedown of Bill Pryor here

–super spy and proven perjurer James Clapper reports that presidential campaigns have already been hacked

–super leaker Chelsea Manning files appeal of her 35-year prison sentence

–after 56 years on 60 Minutes, Morley Safer dies at age 84