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PBC News & Comment: San Francisco Mayor Finally Fires Police Chief

Yesterday’s police killing of unarmed black woman leads mayor to fire embattled police chief, Greg Suhr, massive reforms needed….--there were 21 officer-involved fatal shootings in 5 years, local protesters—though somewhat erratic—kept pressure on

--latest cop killing on video shows taser death of man who was having drug-induced mental breakdown in Georgia

--California voters will likely face dueling ballot measures: one would speed up death penalty process, the other would abolish it

--in runup to June 7 primary, 850,000 new voters have registered—mostly young people—and 600,000 re-registered

--NY Times releases new poll showing Clinton leading Trump by 6 points, and mentions that Sanders beats Trump by 13

--in The Guardian, Thomas Frank slams the idea of putting Bill Clinton in charge of the economy

--Rachel Maddow covered the prospect of a third party run last night, focusing on Libertarians, not Greens

--in House, Republicans switched votes to reject LGBT protections in favor of phony “religious liberty” lingo that enables discrimination

--in Oklahoma, state senate passes clearly unconstitutional bill that makes abortion a felony for doctors, but pro-life governor vetoes it

--in Texas, federal judge who ruled against Obama’s immigration moves goes ballistic, accuses Justice Dept lawyers of lying to him

--at ThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser blasts the judge's statements

--our listener, whistleblower Joe Carson, supports the judge and argues that DOJ lawyers were pressured to lie to the judge

--women who reported sex crimes in the military face reprisals, discharge

--debris from downed Egypt airliner found, but Clinton and Trump were calling it terrorism before any evidence was found

--Syrian refugee wins appeal of Greek deportation order to Turkey, as Ai Weiwei deplores the immoral agreement to block refugees from Europe