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PBC News & Comment: Pentagon Insider Blows Whistle on Phony Protections for Whistleblowers

New book profiles John Crane, who ran “whistleblower protection unit” at Pentagon, detailing how Tom Drake got screwed at NSA…..

–Mark Hertsgaard’s new book is called Bravehearts: Whistleblowing in the Age of Snowden, read about it here

Moscow Tribune reports that Snowden has documents showing bin Laden is still alive, may be in Bahamas

–Natanyahu moves even further to the right, forcing out Defense Minister Yaalon for extremist Avigdor Lieberman

–in bench trial in Baltimore, judge acquits second cop tried for the death in custody of Freddie Gray

–in 7-1 vote, Supreme Court overturns conviction of black man by all-white jury, but Clarence Thomas disagreed

–in our latest in-depth interview, we focus on the 2010 cholera epidemic in Haiti, caused by UN peacekeepers with epidemiologist Ralph Frerichs and reporter Jonathan Katz

–with new revelations of conspiracy, Gleen Greenwald labels Brazil’s impeachment a “coup” with military complicity

–Dem leaders throw Sanders a bone, let him pick 5 members of platform committee

–Sanders takes swipe at Debbie Wasserman Schultz as John Oliver reviews our byzantine primary election process

–in California, Sanders supporters sue over confusing voting rules

–listener Abbie McMillan isn’t keen on Sanders going Green

–if Clinton is elected, what happens to the foundation? Asks NY Times op-ed

–in Hanoi, Obama sells TPP and weapons to Vietnam

–Obama claims the scalp of Taliban leader Mansour

–death and destruction stats from Obama’s wars: 60,000 have died in Syrian jails in past 5 years; in Yemen, car bomb kills 40; more than 100 killed in attacks on Syrian coastal towns

–Pentagon spins up story of IS decline, as its spokesman calls for attacks in Europe, US

–NY Senator Gillibrand reviews 300+ sex assault cases in the military, finds obstruction continues

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