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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Poised to Win California

On Memorial Day, competing with NBA, NHL playoffs and other events, 20,000+ rally for Bernie in East Oakland, City Hall….–Sanders fights Dem leaders over Wasserman Schultz’s appointment of Clinton partisans to run convention

–internal Sanders memo shows that neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates at end of primaries

–in new in-depth interview, election protection leaders Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck detail likely election theft in Dem primaries

–in SF Chronicle, conservative columnist Debra J. Saunders recaps Clinton’s lies about her email server, and emails

–corruption investigation into VA Gov. McAuliffe connects to Hillary Clinton

–paperback edition of Hillary’s memoir Hard Choices deleted 96 pages about Honduras, Colombia, TPP and other controversies

–in Honduras, investigation into murder of Berta Caceres exposes death threats and links to USAID

–in Chicago, 60 people shot, 6 killed over holiday weekend

–former AG Eric Holder says Snowden “performed a public service” in leaking….hypocrisy or doubletalk?

–VICE report on HBO interviewed Snowden and Jason Leopold, cites CIA unsent apology letter that Leopold got by mistake [I forgot to mention this in the podcast.]

–as Monsanto considers takeover bid from Bayer, the legacy of Roundup is detectable in tampons, 93% of human urine tested

–listener Colleen McGuire shares her story of a TSA officer who has doubts about the body scanners, and could get fired or jailed for talking about them