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PBC News & Comment: In Hiroshima, Obama Sends Mixed Message

Hiroshima optics and rhetoric belie Obama’s actions on nuclear weapons, similar to his pro-war Nobel Peace Prize speech in 2009…–Obama meets with survivors of our A-bombs and calls for “moral revolution” but he has not reduced nuclear stockpiles

–new nuke census shows that Obama has reduced our arsenal less than any other post-Cold War president

–peace activist David Swanson comments, saying “Obama paints a peace sign on a bomb”

–today’s news on Obama’s wars includes confirmation that US troops are fighting in Syria

–in Africa, US forces are training with local armies in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Gabon

–as weather improves, more refugees from Syria, Iraq and Yemen are crossing Mediterranean, 7,000 rescued this week

–pandering to people spooked by trannies, GOP House defeats GOP bill to take a stand in favor of discrimination

–in dangerous move, Senate Intelligence committee approves expansion of use of National Security Letters to demand electronic records without court issued warrant

–Trump now says he will debate Sanders in California for $10 million donation to unnamed charities “for women’s health”

–Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) hammers Trump for scamming $150,000 in post-9/11 funds aimed at small business losses

–Clinton echo chamber quotes Dem senators slamming Sanders for pursuing debate that Hillary declined

–in Guardian op-ed, Christopher Barron echoes Clinton talking points about Sanders’s “withering attacks” helping Trump

–stubborn and sputtering, Clinton clings to false claims that her email server “was allowed”, as report says she withheld emails that addressed concerns over the private server

–in February, Harvard postgrad published a prescient essay in Current Affairs “running Clinton against Trump is a disastrous, suicidal proposition”

–TSA staff cuts have caused 70,000 people to miss lights so far this year; new poll shows Americans are frustrated, but most act like lemmings

–there were 345 perimeter breaches at US airports last year

–40 Secret Service employees disciplined for leaking info on agency critic Rep. Jason Chaffetz

–the father of the Heimlich Maneuver, 96-year-old Henry Heimlich, rescues a choking woman with….the Heimlich Maneuver!