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PBC News & Comment: Trump Previews His Dictator Act

In frightening performance, The Donald attacks the media and specific reporters for exposing his failure to honor promise to vets….–Trumps bluster belies the facts: he made the contributions to vets groups only after prodding from Washington Post

–in California the other day, Trump stunned us by saying “there is no drought”

–on Sunday, Huffpost removed article claiming that Hillary Clinton will be indicted under RICO for email scheme

–Peter van Buren, who was drummed out of State Dept. by Clinton, comments on the email flap

–Dan Metcalfe, Justice Dept. spokesman under Bill Clinton, skewers HRC over emails, suggests Biden-Kerry ticket

–amusing hindsight commentaries slam Bernie and Hillary

–new poll shows 40% of voters think 2-party system is broken

–Prof. Juan Cole echoes my comments on Eric Holder’s recent remarks about Ed Snowden

–Obama’s UN ambassador Samantha Power, who formerly detested Henry Kissinger, will accept an award from Dr. K

–California’s anti-BDS bill has been amended, still should be defeated; here is the revised language

–federal appeals court reverses lower court ruling that required warrant for cell tower data

–in Obama’s wars, the summer blockbusters are battles to retake Falluja and Roqqa