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PBC News & Comment: Best Defense is Strong Offense

In California, Clinton and Trump trade harsh attacks as each candidate tries to deflect attention from their respective legal battles….–in “foreign policy” speech, Clinton is very effective in defining Trump as unfit, as she burnishes her hawkish, neocon positions

–in brilliant essay, Robert Parry asks: who’s the bigger nuclear risk: Trump or Clinton

–Trump declares Clinton is “guilty as hell” in nasty response in San Jose, where his fans skirmished with protesters

–Trump attacks on judge in Trump U case are racist and arrogant, NY Times quotes concerned conservatives

–Greg Palast warns California voters about provisional ballots, which he calls “placebo ballots”

–Israel’s extremist UN ambassador holds meeting with American allies to confront BDS, as 6 pro-BDS websites are attacked

–with action on two death penalty cases, Supreme Court shows only 2 justices appear to want to abolish execution

–at VICE, Jason Leopold unpacks the case of tortured prisoner who died and the trial of CIA torture consultants

–in our latest in-depth interview, we meet the founder of Smart-Alec, a progressive legislative reform group

–long-promised reforms of payday loan rules are announced, NY Times editorial calls them “lame”

–FBI continues to demand email data from Yahoo that it’s not legally entitled to

–Brazil’s interim president is banned from running for office for 8 years, as some leaders rethink impeachment

–new report warns Zika virus can be shared via oral sex, as American Olympian with pregnant wife bows out of Rio games

–Navy Blue Angels fighter jet crashes, killing pilot, on same day that Air Force Thunderbirds jet crashes after graduation flyover

–Germany passes resolution on Armenian genocide, and really pisses off the Turks

–major floods hit Paris, Bavaria and Houston