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PBC News & Comment: NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Unconstitutional Order Against BDS

After legislature balked, NY Gov. Cuomo signs clearly unconstitutional order punishing groups that boycott Israel, drawing parallels to 1950’s McCarthyism…Read about it here

--Netanyahu admits that shady Frenchman donated $40,000 to his slush fund, but denies receiving more than $1 million

-in our first video Newsbud Report, just released, we cover the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israeli defense minister

--France hosts Mideast peace talks, but Israel and Palestine are no-shows at initial photo-op event

--2 NPR reporters are killed in southern Afghanistan

--HBO’s John Oliver does it again—he exposes debt collection parasites, then relieves 9,000 people of medical debts

--another FOIA success for Jason Leopold at VICE, proving that NSA lied about Snowden’s attempts to “go through channels”

--Tuesday’s primaries in CA, NJ, MT, NM SD and ND aren’t likely to give Clinton the nomination, but the media will play it that way

--Sanders breaks silence, criticizes Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest

--leadership of Sanders campaign is clearly split over next steps, signaling capitulation at some point

--Peter van Buren explains that the email scandal is getting worse, with evidence that CIA agents’ names were revealed

--Buzzfeed won’t take Trump ads, founder compares them to tobacco ads

--3 Minneapolis men of Somali heritage are convicted of trying to join IS, another case with paid FBI informant

--FBI’s 95% flawed evidence based on hair analysis draws new rules from Justice Dept, 12 victims executed or died in prison

--Chicago releases videos of police shootings, a rare moment of transparency in the Windy City

--“bomb train” derails, explodes near Portland, OR

--Muhammed Ali dies at age 74, always controversial, here is a critical obit from Ishmael Reed