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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Delivers the Nomination to Clinton

In premature ejaculation, corporate media declares Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination, on a day when nobody voted—outrageous coronation…..–AP uses superdelegate poll to call the nomination, on eve of crucial primaries in 6 states, including California

–new analysis confirms charges from election activists Fitrakis, Charnin and others that Dem primaries were fudged

–furtive FBI seeks approval to file secret comments with DC court regarding VICE lawsuit over Clinton email issues

–Speaker Ryan squirms as he disavows Trump’s racist attacks on judge in Trump U case, but still supports Trump

–you can watch your humble host’s first Newsbud Report video here

–Jeremy Scahill’s new book, based on a source inside the drone programs, reveals that up to 90 of people killed were not targets

–FBI is increasing its already troublesome us of paid informants in IS “sting” operations, reports the NY Times

–Snowden responds to VICE report that NSA lied about his attempts to report concerns to superiors

–in pincer moves, US-backed and Russian-backed forces attack IS HQ in Raqqa, Syria

–Brazil’s impeachment carnival continues, as acting president loses cronies who blabbed about blocking Car Wash probe

–Stanford rape case draws national outrage