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PBC News & Comment: Glass Ceiling Broken, Along With Primary Election Process

As Sanders sputters in California, Clinton claims the nomination despite shortfall of 172 pledged delegates; race to the bottom commences….

–low turnout and Latino loyalty to Clintons enable Hillary to win California 56 to 43

–widespread reports of voting problems and provisional ballots add to litany of issues that show process is broken

–corporate media acknowledge inherent unfairness of the primary process, and advise no change

–Trevor Timm outlines the key failures

–after many premature versions, the Sanders 2016 Dem obituaries are surfacing; Politico offers a revealing one

–Trump U is not only university scandal: Jonathan Turley reveals Bill and Hillary’s connections to Laureate Education

–in our new in-depth interview, journalists Max Blumenthal and Rob Bryan expose Shmuley Boteach and the Trump connections to Zionists

–FBI demands for internet records are challenged by Google, Facebook and Yahoo

–former CIA officer Sabrina de Souza is about to be extradited to Italy to serve 4-year prison sentence in Abu Omar case