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PBC News & Comment: Glass Ceiling Broken, Along With Primary Election Process

As Sanders sputters in California, Clinton claims the nomination despite shortfall of 172 pledged delegates; race to the bottom commences….

--low turnout and Latino loyalty to Clintons enable Hillary to win California 56 to 43

--widespread reports of voting problems and provisional ballots add to litany of issues that show process is broken

--corporate media acknowledge inherent unfairness of the primary process, and advise no change

--Trevor Timm outlines the key failures

--after many premature versions, the Sanders 2016 Dem obituaries are surfacing; Politico offers a revealing one

--Trump U is not only university scandal: Jonathan Turley reveals Bill and Hillary’s connections to Laureate Education

--in our new in-depth interview, journalists Max Blumenthal and Rob Bryan expose Shmuley Boteach and the Trump connections to Zionists

--FBI demands for internet records are challenged by Google, Facebook and Yahoo

--former CIA officer Sabrina de Souza is about to be extradited to Italy to serve 4-year prison sentence in Abu Omar case