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PBC News & Comment: D Stands for Denial

Obama meets with Sanders, endorses Clinton with video, press secretary confirms “criminal investigation” into her emails, D stands for Denial….–Bernie meets Barack, all smiles for the cameras, as Sanders signals he will probably support Clinton

–Clinton campaign releases Obama’s endorsement video

–press secretary Josh Earnest admits that it’s a “criminal investigation” into Clinton email scandal

–like an old-style girl’s bike, the bar was lowered for Hillary…she still doesn’t have 2,383 pledged delegates

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweaks Trump, endorses Clinton, and tries to woo Sanders supporters in unconvincing pitch

–Matt Taibbi comments on the denial inside the Beltway

–Daily Banter post epitomizes the pro-Hillary delusion: she’s faced 25 years of attacks, so she is immunized

– petition urges Sanders not to bow out

–at The Nation, D.D. Guttenplan has advice for Clinton fans

–Trumps racist comments alarm GOP leaders, who are still exploring ways to dump him, Sen. McConnell sounds warning

–David Brooks goes hard against Trump in NY Times column

–Shane Ryan slams corporate media for its early coronation of Clinton

–the media interference appeared to depress turnout in California to about 48%, 2.5 million ballots remain to be counted, including 700,000 provisional ballots

–2 Palestinians killed 4 Israelis at Tel Aviv restaurant, test for new, extreme defense minister Lieberman

–Libyan fighters advance on Sirt, Daesh stronghold on coast

–US will prosecute American who went to join IS but didn’t fight

–federal appeals court in San Francisco upholds California law banning concealed weapons without permit

–Supreme Court rules 5-3 that Pennsylvania justice should have recused himself, Clarence Thomas dissents

–in bipartisan vote, House approves bill to put unaccountable panel in charge of Puerto Rico’s debt problems