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PBC News & Comment: Orlando, Where Homophobia Met Islamaphobia

Irrational, hate-filled gunman mows down 49 in Orlando gay club, exposing effects of US wars, religious extremism, access to weapons…-suspected shooter had been under FBI surveillance before, bought his semi-automatic rifle recently, worked for G4S

--Mateen had claimed connections to Tsarnaevs, but FBI said he invented them

--Trump says “I told you so” and hammers Obama and Clinton as weak, calls for bombing in Syria , Iraq

--Clinton’s response suggests more surveillance and new gun restrictions

--Chelsea Manning says don’t let Orlando attack further strangle our civil liberties

--in The Guardian, Sarah Lyons-Padilla says anti-Muslim expressions lead to radicalization

--Orlando was scene of mass shooter emergency drill in October, 2015

--gun nuts say anti-gun reactions are predictable, pathetic

--stalker killed finalist from The Voice in Orlando Friday

--last Thursday, decorated Iraq veteran threatened to kill Muslims at mosque near Ft. Bragg

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--Lame Duck Mission Creep Update: Obama loosens rules in Afghanistan war

--Steve Horn shows how MSNBC titled report to support fracking and T. Boone Pickens

--in Oklahoma, cops seize debit cards and gift cards and pay commission to private scanning company, read it here

--in Tulsa, NY Times columnist Nick Kristof visits debt prisoners who can’t escape cycle of incarceration for unpaid fines

--a little justice in Alabama, as Speaker Mike Hubbard is convicted on 12 felony ethics charges