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PBC News & Comment: Orlando, Where Homophobia Met Islamaphobia

Irrational, hate-filled gunman mows down 49 in Orlando gay club, exposing effects of US wars, religious extremism, access to weapons…-suspected shooter had been under FBI surveillance before, bought his semi-automatic rifle recently, worked for G4S

–Mateen had claimed connections to Tsarnaevs, but FBI said he invented them

–Trump says “I told you so” and hammers Obama and Clinton as weak, calls for bombing in Syria , Iraq

–Clinton’s response suggests more surveillance and new gun restrictions

–Chelsea Manning says don’t let Orlando attack further strangle our civil liberties

–in The Guardian, Sarah Lyons-Padilla says anti-Muslim expressions lead to radicalization

–Orlando was scene of mass shooter emergency drill in October, 2015

–gun nuts say anti-gun reactions are predictable, pathetic

–stalker killed finalist from The Voice in Orlando Friday

–last Thursday, decorated Iraq veteran threatened to kill Muslims at mosque near Ft. Bragg

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–Lame Duck Mission Creep Update: Obama loosens rules in Afghanistan war

–Steve Horn shows how MSNBC titled report to support fracking and T. Boone Pickens

–in Oklahoma, cops seize debit cards and gift cards and pay commission to private scanning company, read it here

–in Tulsa, NY Times columnist Nick Kristof visits debt prisoners who can’t escape cycle of incarceration for unpaid fines

–a little justice in Alabama, as Speaker Mike Hubbard is convicted on 12 felony ethics charges