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PBC News & Comment: Trump, Christian Extremists Make America Hate Again

Pat Robertson and lesser-known Christian extremists join Trump in promoting fear and hate toward Muslims in comments on Orlando massacre…..You can hear Arizona preacher Steven Anderson here

–Obama, Clinton and others call for ban on gun sales to people on “no-fly” list, which is secret, arbitrary, unconstitutional

–Senate Dems launch filibuster over gun regulation

–Mateen’s current wife apparently knew his intentions, said she tried to talk him out of attack, may face charges

–in France, repeat offender claiming IS loyalty stabs and kills police commander and girlfriend in front of their 3-year-old

–new Defense spending bill pays for wars without authorizing them, blocks closure of Guantanamo, as British newspaper says Obama has given up on shutting it down

–newly released CIA documents show that waterboarding of Abu Zubaydeh was ordered despite his cooperation

–Jason Leopold reports on CIA documents detailing the torture and death of prisoner Gul Rahman

–Clinton and Sanders met for 90 minutes, Sanders plans phone conference with supporters on Thursday night

–GOP House passes bill to ensure secrecy of dark money in phony nonprofit political groups

–lame duck mission creep alert: US revisits plan to cut troop levels in Afghanistan, the Whatever War

–Democratic National Committee says its servers were hacked by Russians, who got the oppo research on Trump

–Air Force files from investigations into fraud and abuse since 2004 are declared “vanished”

–Lockheed Martin is one of many weapons vendors at arms expo in Paris

–Steve Horn reports that TransCanada has won contract for new gas pipeline from Texas into Mexico