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PBC News & Comment: Orlando Shooter Frequented the Gay Club He Shot Up

Pulse nightclub patrons say Omar Mateen was a “regular”; Obama calls out Trump over term “radical Islam” after Hillary relents…..--exposure of Mateen’s gay orientation undermines claim of radicalization, inspiration by IS

--Obama’s attack on Trump is overdue, follows Clinton’s capitulation to demagoguery from Trump, Cruz

--Mateen was a guard for security contractor G4S, and Peter Phillips of Project Censored offers background

--in Portugal awaiting imminent extradition to Italy, former CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa blames Clinton for her predicament in Jason Leopold's VICE video

--election protection attorney Cliff Arnebeck is ready to file racketeering lawsuit exposing fraud in Dem primaries; read about the Bev Harris report here

--Wall St. Journal reports that Clinton used unsecure email to give approval for secret drone strikes in Pakistan

--ABC reports the Clinton emails reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was named to intelligence board

--Obama signals he will sign FOIA Improvement Act, which still has no penalty for noncompliance

--Sanders and Clinton will meet tonight, amid signals that Bernie may bow out

--federal appeals court upholds FCC ruling on Net Neutrality

--Supreme Court rules against Puerto Rico’s local bankruptcy plan, leaves the problem for Congress to solve

--Secretary General explains that Saudis coerced UN into removing Saudi Arabia from Yemen war crimes investigation