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PBC News & Comment: Orlando Shooter Frequented the Gay Club He Shot Up

Pulse nightclub patrons say Omar Mateen was a “regular”; Obama calls out Trump over term “radical Islam” after Hillary relents…..–exposure of Mateen’s gay orientation undermines claim of radicalization, inspiration by IS

–Obama’s attack on Trump is overdue, follows Clinton’s capitulation to demagoguery from Trump, Cruz

–Mateen was a guard for security contractor G4S, and Peter Phillips of Project Censored offers background

–in Portugal awaiting imminent extradition to Italy, former CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa blames Clinton for her predicament in Jason Leopold’s VICE video

–election protection attorney Cliff Arnebeck is ready to file racketeering lawsuit exposing fraud in Dem primaries; read about the Bev Harris report here

Wall St. Journal reports that Clinton used unsecure email to give approval for secret drone strikes in Pakistan

ABC reports the Clinton emails reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was named to intelligence board

–Obama signals he will sign FOIA Improvement Act, which still has no penalty for noncompliance

–Sanders and Clinton will meet tonight, amid signals that Bernie may bow out

–federal appeals court upholds FCC ruling on Net Neutrality

–Supreme Court rules against Puerto Rico’s local bankruptcy plan, leaves the problem for Congress to solve

–Secretary General explains that Saudis coerced UN into removing Saudi Arabia from Yemen war crimes investigation