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PBC News & Comment: Senate Rejects FBI Spying Bill

In rare setback for FBI, Senate rejects measure to allow access to internet metadata using NSL’s without a court order….--my sincere thanks to 1,330 people who have funded Newsbud, raising $171,755! Average donation $128

--despite Senate vote rejecting FBI bill, Trevor Timm warns of other assaults on privacy, Constitution

--tech companies, including smaller ones, are refusing illegal requests from FBI for user info

--House Dems stage sit-in to push for bad gun laws rejected by Senate

--Glenn Greenwald accurately rips Dems for pushing “No Fly, No Buy” bills

--John Kerry meets with group of State Dept. officers who demand military action against Assad in Syria

--NY Times writer Max Fisher unpacks the dissent memo signed by the 51

--after a few days of silence, US military disputes Iraqi claim that they control Fallujah

--tomorrow’s “Brexit” vote in UK seems too close to predict

--Venezuela crisis deepens with food riots, efforts to remove President Maduro led by US-approved Enrique Capriles

--Trump and Clinton trade nasty attacks aimed at distracting from their respective liabilities

--timeline maven Paul Thompson has created factual timelines of Clinton email and Foundation scandals

--Clinton allies on platform committee gang up on feisty leader of nurse’s union over single payer health care

--federal judge strikes down ObamaCo rules for fracking on public lands

--racist, sexist GOP congressman says putting Harriet Tubman on the 20-dollar bill is “racist, sexist”