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PBC News & Comment: Senate Rejects FBI Spying Bill

In rare setback for FBI, Senate rejects measure to allow access to internet metadata using NSL’s without a court order….–my sincere thanks to 1,330 people who have funded Newsbud, raising $171,755! Average donation $128

–despite Senate vote rejecting FBI bill, Trevor Timm warns of other assaults on privacy, Constitution

–tech companies, including smaller ones, are refusing illegal requests from FBI for user info

–House Dems stage sit-in to push for bad gun laws rejected by Senate

–Glenn Greenwald accurately rips Dems for pushing “No Fly, No Buy” bills

–John Kerry meets with group of State Dept. officers who demand military action against Assad in Syria

NY Times writer Max Fisher unpacks the dissent memo signed by the 51

–after a few days of silence, US military disputes Iraqi claim that they control Fallujah

–tomorrow’s “Brexit” vote in UK seems too close to predict

–Venezuela crisis deepens with food riots, efforts to remove President Maduro led by US-approved Enrique Capriles

–Trump and Clinton trade nasty attacks aimed at distracting from their respective liabilities

–timeline maven Paul Thompson has created factual timelines of Clinton email and Foundation scandals

–Clinton allies on platform committee gang up on feisty leader of nurse’s union over single payer health care

–federal judge strikes down ObamaCo rules for fracking on public lands

–racist, sexist GOP congressman says putting Harriet Tubman on the 20-dollar bill is “racist, sexist”