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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Deadlocks on Obama Immigration Orders

Deadlocked Supreme Court rebuffs Obama, rewards GOP obstruction, overturning executive actions on immigration 14 compounded by GOP obstruction of court nomination….–conservative justices squawk over ruling that upholds U of Texas admission standards that include race as a factor

–Supreme Court also ruled in favor of penalties for refusal to submit to breathalyzer test

–judge in Baltimore acquits the cop who drove Freddie Gray to death

–Dems in House stage 25-hour sit-in to demand votes on gun bills, and they are still supporting bad “No Fly No Buy” bill

–Senate places the Susan Collins compromise in limbo

Vice News is only outlet I’ve seen that notes the civil liberties bomb that Democrats are grandstanding over

–at Vice, Jason Leopold reports that Senate Intel committee wants to crack down on CIA-Hollywood collusion

–at DeSmogBlog, Steve Horn reveals the backstory to the court case that rejected Obama’s rules for fracking on public land

–Colombia and FARC rebels sign ceasefire to end 50-year conflict—

–in the UK, Brexit vote is underway today