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PBC News & Comment: Kingdom of Great Britain Rejects Europe

Brexit vote stuns Europe, hammers markets, causes Cameron to resign, signals spreading rise of nationalism, isolationism, anger at elites….–President of European Parliament wants Britain out “as soon as possible”

–populist anger has risen, and Trump was in Scotland stoking it, saying “you took your country back”

–in Guardian op-ed, Richard Wolffe makes some interesting points for Americans to consider

–pro-Brexit leader backs away from promise to spend money on National Health that would’ve been sent to EU

–Julian Assange hopes that vote will lead to “scrapping” of the EU warrant for his arrest

–Spain votes this Sunday, after election last December deadlocked

–America’s political dysfunction is on display for the world this week, all three branches gridlocked by partisan crap

–in the chaos of the Dem sit-in in the House, GOP leaders secretly deleted amendment to ban Confederate flag from national cemeteries

–the Democrats’ protest was a big moment for Periscope and Facebook live streaming

–Bernie Sanders tiptoes toward endorsing Clinton, says he will vote for her in November

–at UC Irvine, students who protested pro-Israel film screening are facing criminal charges, reports The Intercept

–Arkansas Supreme Court approves 8 executions, but lethal drugs may not be available

–federal judges in Brooklyn are speaking out against serious flaws in criminal justice and incarceration