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PBC News & Comment: Kingdom of Great Britain Rejects Europe

Brexit vote stuns Europe, hammers markets, causes Cameron to resign, signals spreading rise of nationalism, isolationism, anger at elites….--President of European Parliament wants Britain out “as soon as possible”

--populist anger has risen, and Trump was in Scotland stoking it, saying “you took your country back”

--in Guardian op-ed, Richard Wolffe makes some interesting points for Americans to consider

--pro-Brexit leader backs away from promise to spend money on National Health that would’ve been sent to EU

--Julian Assange hopes that vote will lead to “scrapping” of the EU warrant for his arrest

--Spain votes this Sunday, after election last December deadlocked

--America’s political dysfunction is on display for the world this week, all three branches gridlocked by partisan crap

--in the chaos of the Dem sit-in in the House, GOP leaders secretly deleted amendment to ban Confederate flag from national cemeteries

--the Democrats’ protest was a big moment for Periscope and Facebook live streaming

--Bernie Sanders tiptoes toward endorsing Clinton, says he will vote for her in November

--at UC Irvine, students who protested pro-Israel film screening are facing criminal charges, reports The Intercept

--Arkansas Supreme Court approves 8 executions, but lethal drugs may not be available

--federal judges in Brooklyn are speaking out against serious flaws in criminal justice and incarceration