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Exclusive Interview: Abandoned CIA Officer Sabrina de Sousa Faces Imminent Extradition to Italy to Face 4-year Prison Term

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Following up on the plight of Sabrina de Sousa, she talked to us from Portugal today, as she awaits a knock on the door to be extradited to Italy.De Sousa was one of 26 Americans convicted by an Italian court in absentia for the kidnapping and rendition of Abu Omar from the streets of Milan.  As de Sousa explains, she played a minor role in the botched caper, and has been cast off by the CIA (it will not confirm or deny she worked there) and was ignored by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she begged for diplomatic immunity.

For more than a year, de Sousa has been stuck in Lisbon, after being served with the Italian extradition order.  Today, she reveals her new letter to President Obama, explaining her plight and asking him to ask the president of Italy to pardon her, as he did for some of her co-defendants.

You’ll hear the emotion in de Sousa’s voice as she describes her uncertain future, and the hardship of being the “fall guy” for her superiors, who planned and approved the bungled operation, and have never acknowledged their mistakes or been held accountable for them.