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PBC News & Comment: Benghazi Investigation Ends, Completely Missed the Real Failures

GOP politicized Benghazi from first reports, and 2-year, $7 million investigation missed the real failures of Clinton regarding Libya regime change….–Benghazi coverup was driven by CIA, but Trey Gowdy went to great lengths to pin that on Clinton, Rice

–Senate Dems call out GOP scheme to link Zika funding with ban on Planned Parenthood

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigns with Clinton in Cincinnati, but her sales job feels like a sell-out

–Sanders rebukes Dem platform committee for refusing to reject TPP

–in Facebook video, articulate Alice Anil tells Dems: change or lose

NY Times’ Nate Cohn declares that primaries were not stolen from Sanders

–Richard Charnin responds to Cohn, point by point

–lawsuit challenges US over religious groups blocking access to abortion and contraception for immigrant minors in custody

–Nick Kristof reveals that Obama and Mexico’s Peña Nieto have colluded to deport migrants facing death threats at home

–in followup to Supreme Court exoneration of VA ex-Gov. McDonnell, no mention of Siegelman injustice

–in recent op-ed, Prof. Michael Eric Dyson critiqued Obama for avoiding race in many instances

–Oakland Council rejects plan to transport coal via rail through Oakland to its port; Gov Jerry Brown remains silent

–San Francisco media outlets partner for focused coverage of homeless issues

–“chatbot” service wins 64% of parking ticket appeals in London and New York