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PBC News & Comment: Is Hillary Clinton Really Opposed to Trans Pacific Partnership?

After DNC platform committee rejected clear statement opposing TPP, question becomes: is Trump more populist than Clinton on trade deals?….–Rep. Keith Ellison asks for support for petition to DNC to take strong position against TPP

–Brexit fallout continues in Britain, Europe amid widespread discontent with trade deals and open borders

–back in the Senate, Sanders leads opposition to “disastrous” Puerto Rico bill

–Clinton proposes plan to defer, forgive student loans for entrepreneurs and startups

–our pal Bill Black warns corporate Dems to heed the warnings in Listen, Liberal by our other pal, Tom Frank

–Istanbul airport attack kills 41, wounds hundreds as Turkey blames Islamic State, or was it angry Kurds?

–US Customs now asking for social media info on non-citizens who arrive without a visa

–Iran’s top general for 27 years is sacked by the Ayatollah

–Steve Horn notes that corporate media ignored Truthout’s disclosure that Obama administration approved 1500 fracking permits in Gulf of Mexico, some during oil spill disaster

–after judge objected, Cleveland relaxes rules on protest during GOP convention