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PBC News & Comment: Nice Attack Defines Summer of 2016

War-driven upheaval and displacement, simmering ethnic and religious tensions lead to more repression, loss of life: a vicious cycle…..–alleged suspect was not know to French authorities, proving that police state can’t guarantee security
–motorcyclist tried to jump onto the deadly truck, was run over
–in surprise move, US proposes partnership with Russia to defeat IS
–whoops, Omar the Chechen, Islamic State leader killed by US in March shows up at meeting in Mosul, IS says he was killed in July 10 airstrike
–Obama holds town hall about recent violence by cops and against cops, angering daughter of Eric Garner, who called it a “farce”
–the Senate’s only black member, conservative Republican Tim Scott of North Carolina
–NSA whistleblower Thomas Tamm gets to keep his law license
–obscure Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board may survive efforts to limit its work
–BuzzFeed investigation shows that Obama did not ban all forms of torture
–FBI defends its use of hacking and malware, cuz they’re the good guys
–as Congress takes 7-week break, Dems point fingers at Repubs for unfinished business
–in rare bipartisan vote, both Houses passed bill to address opioid and heroin epidemics with abysmal funding
–New York reports surge in overdoses from synthetic marijuana, or K2, 130 in last 3 days
–UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti, and left unsupported babies