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PBC News & Comment: Trump Expected to Pick Pence for Veep

All leaks point to Indiana’s ultraconservative Gov. Mike Pence as Trump VP pick, Chris Christie stranded at George Washington Bridge….–Pence is knuckle-dragging evangelical extremist with an awful record as governor, congressman
–polls show Pence will have little impact on voters
–in new poll, Clinton and Trump are tied in critical battleground states
–despite decision not to prosecute Clinton, Jason Leopold of Vice is still investigating
–Clinton’s message machine set on “crush all” as Green Party leader Jill Stein is smeared as “anti-science”
–following Twitter-nukes from Trump, Justice Ginsberg says her comments about him were “ill-advised”
–CIA Director Brennan repeats that he would refuse a Trump order to torture, but his replacement might not
–at The Progressive, Prof. Stephen Zunes agrees with the Chilcot report, but adds that Iraq invasion was illegal even if Saddam had WMD
–ObamaCo claims implicit authorization for war in Syria, because Congress has funded it
–in the House, members of both parties form new Fourth Amendment Caucus
–new video shows 2 Fresno cops repeatedly shooting 19-year-old white suspect, father calls them “trigger-happy”
–Alicia Keys and other celebrities release powerful video, 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America
–in op-ed, Cornel West says Obama has failed victims of racism and police brutality, and endorses Jill Stein
The Guardian continues to collect data on police shootings in America