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PBC News & Comment: Trump Expected to Pick Pence for Veep

All leaks point to Indiana's ultraconservative Gov. Mike Pence as Trump VP pick, Chris Christie stranded at George Washington Bridge….--Pence is knuckle-dragging evangelical extremist with an awful record as governor, congressman
--polls show Pence will have little impact on voters
--in new poll, Clinton and Trump are tied in critical battleground states
--despite decision not to prosecute Clinton, Jason Leopold of Vice is still investigating
--Clinton’s message machine set on “crush all” as Green Party leader Jill Stein is smeared as “anti-science”
--following Twitter-nukes from Trump, Justice Ginsberg says her comments about him were “ill-advised”
--CIA Director Brennan repeats that he would refuse a Trump order to torture, but his replacement might not
--at The Progressive, Prof. Stephen Zunes agrees with the Chilcot report, but adds that Iraq invasion was illegal even if Saddam had WMD
--ObamaCo claims implicit authorization for war in Syria, because Congress has funded it
--in the House, members of both parties form new Fourth Amendment Caucus
--new video shows 2 Fresno cops repeatedly shooting 19-year-old white suspect, father calls them “trigger-happy”
--Alicia Keys and other celebrities release powerful video, 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America
--in op-ed, Cornel West says Obama has failed victims of racism and police brutality, and endorses Jill Stein
--The Guardian continues to collect data on police shootings in America