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PBC News & Comment: Abortive Coup in Turkey, Cop Killings in Baton Rouge Set Stage for Trump Convention

Week of horror includes Bastille Day deaths in Nice, failed military coup in Turkey, and Sunday’s Baton Rouge police killings…..–Sibel Edmonds predicted a possible coup last year, and details the background of the conflict between Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen network at Newsbud
–will US extradite Gulen to Turkey?
–Glenn Greenwald relays a provocative question from former Gitmo prosecutor Col. Morris Davis:  what if Turkey kidnapped or droned Gulen in Pennsylvania?
–even as media admits that the truck-killer in Nice had no ties to terrorism, Daesh takes credit and politicians go along, fuelling calls for police states
–in Friday document dump, long-suppressed 9/11 report is released and gets buried in wall-to-wall coverage of Turkey, Baton Rouge
–Murdoch family is reportedly planning to fire Roger Ailes from “Fox News”
60 Minutes interview of Trump and Pence was dominated by The Donald
–Cleveland’s police union asks Gov. Kasich to ban open carry of weapons during convention
–Baltimore judge acquits another cop for death of Freddy Gray, as “Justice Dept.” dithers over Eric Garner case two years later
–other trouble spots to watch: Pakistan, Kashmir, Armenia and Kazakhstan