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PBC News & Comment: Trump Team Blames Hillary for Melania’s Plagiarism

In convention speech, Melania Trump Cribbed from Michelle Obama and Rick Astley; which is worse: plagiarism or “Rickrolling?…..–Trumpers blame Hillary for self-inflicted media bomb which undermined an evening of vitriolic attacks on Clinton, throws GOP off balance, off message
–parade of bad speeches repeated the same attacks on Clinton, with heavy focus on Benghazi
–on NBC, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd echoed PBC’s long-stated view: there was a Benghazi coverup by CIA, and GOP fails to challenge overall Libya plan
–at “Fox News”, chief GOP propagandist Roger Ailes takes fatal blow: Megyn Kelly joins the chorus of Fox girls accusing Ailes of sexual harassment
NY Times oracles make dangerous prediction: that Clinton has 76% chance of winning in November
— protesters in Cleveland don’t get much coverage, but they are protesting fracking, the border wall, and more
–new study links fracking to asthma clusters at 4x normal patterns
–at The Intercept, Steve Horn and Lee Fang reveal that undercover cops infiltrated “Keep it in the Ground” protest group in Colorado
–videos and writings by alleged Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long show that he was not affiliated with or inspired by terrorists
–in our in-depth interview, historical geographer Prof. Rashad Shabazz describes the “architectures of confinement” in Chicago that presaged today’s mass incarceration of blacks
–following release of memo on Saudi role in 9/11, WhoWhatWhy declares “official narrative on life support”
–US airstrikes reportedly kill 60 civilians in northern Syria
–Erdogan continues purge in Turkey after suspicious attempted coup
–in NY Times, David Sanger offers Beltway view of the coup, and in The Progressive, Stephen Zunes offers outside views
–Judge in Brazil bans What’sApp, as owner Facebook refuses to reveal user communications