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PBC News & Comment: Trump is the Result of Roger Ailes and “Fox News”

As Roger Ailes departs the “Fox News” propaganda machine he founded, the monster he created launches campaign based on Fox fantasies….–Rupert Murdoch will run Fox for now, as the results of 20 years of right-wing lies are evident….

–Trump’s “Dark Knight” acceptance speech lists America’s problems, and the solutions are always Trump

–strong parallels to Nixon, especially invocations of “law and order”, as Trevor Timm comments

–Peter Thiel softpedals his extreme views, slams lo-tech government, bathroom laws as he proclaims he’s proud to be gay, Republican

–in response to bathroom laws, NBA pulls All-Star game from Charlotte

–emboldened by Trump, Klan leader and out-racist David Duke joins race for Louisiana Senate seat

–in welcome shift, an Atlanta cop who shot and killed unarmed black man is fired, charged with murder

–developing story from Munich….at least 9 dead in shooting

–Clinton expected to name Sen. Tim Kaine as running mate, underwhelming many

–in possible preview of a Trump administration, Turkey declares 90-day state of emergency following crackdown and massive purge