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Convention Special: Dems in Philly Party Like It’s 2004

Sanders supporters score momentary victory over Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but leaderless, rudderless opposition won’t derail establishment Clinton-Kaine train….In a special podcast love-bomb aimed at the delegates to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, your humble host makes a final, hopeless appeal to the assembled Dems:  Like John Kerry in 2004, you are formalizing the nomination of a weak candidate who is likely to lose.  You are in a bubble of corporate sponsored groupthink, surrendering to a manufactured reality that ignores the clear attitudes of the electorate.

In this brief commentary, I also note that Bernie Sanders has apparently abandoned his call for a contested convention and a real political revolution; his Monday night speech is the last chance to derail the Clinton-Kaine train, and there’s no indication he will take it.  And the “Bernie Delegates Network” organized by people I like and admire, including Norman Solomon, Karen Bernal and Jeff Cohen, is leaderless and rudderless just hours before the opening gavel.  By now, they should have articulated a clear goal and path to it, and they still talk vaguely of blocking the Kaine nomination or staging a walkout.

Once again, Left Dems acquiesce to the old guard, and we are left without a choice, and without a voice.

Robert Reich’s commentary is here, and Michael Moore’s email is here.

Closing music is “Do The Clinton” by The Foremen, you can find it here.