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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Douses the Flame of “Berners”

Sanders tries to lead his followers to Clinton, but many balk over clear evidence the process was rigged for Hillary…–in speech notable for its omissions, like “$15 wage”, “rigged primaries” and “war in Syria”, Sanders gives unconvincing endorsement of Clinton and Democrats

–Bernie ordered his delegates not to protest, and blocks any disputes, and prime time speeches were mostly uninterrupted

–platform was approved by quick voice vote as CNN played commercials

–despite Donna Brazile’s apology on behalf of DNC, no major speakers addressed DNC’s tilt to Clinton exposed by emails, or apologized to voters

–Clinton campaign and media blame Russia and demonize WikiLeaks for exposing the truth; but DNC officials knew they were hacked months ago

–Ed Snowden tweets that NSA would know if Russians hacked DNC

–many pundits claimed that Clinton won “fair and square”, but new 99-page report details fatal flaws in Dem primaries

–in Cleveland, did FBI intimidate potential protesters, and keep them off the streets?

–outside Tokyo , 19 people killed and 20 wounded by knife-wielding attacker at center for handicapped people

–outside Paris, an 85-year-old priest had his throat slit by attackers, IS quickly claims credit

–California man with history of mental illness, who wanted to join IS, gets 15 year sentence for lying about losing his passport

–Police rule out Islamic influence in Ft. Meyers nightclub attack that killed 2, wounded 16

–Newsbud challenges NBC over tweet that Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany during attempted coup; Turkish Embassy in DC joins Newsbud in demand for retraction