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PBC News & Comment: Obama Leads Dems Over the Cliff for Hillary

In powerful DNC speech, Obama goes all-in for Hillary, risking his party and legacy with embrace of weak, damaged candidate….–repeating the same talking points, Panetta, Biden, Bloomberg, Kaine and Obama all say Hillary is qualified and credible; outside the bubble, most voters disagree

–new poll shows 43% of voters rate Trump as honest, only 32% for Clinton

–convention managers managed, sometimes bullied Sanders delegates, and worked to obscure walkouts and drown out chants, as Shadowproof reports

–at DNC, wealthy donors, lobbyists and corporate sponsors say it’s “business as usual”

–oil and gas industries are big sponsors at DNC and on TV coverage

–Veep candidate Sen. Tim Kaine dances around controversial fracking pipeline proposed in Virginia, but he opposed Keystone XL

–Rudy Giuliani says Muslims on US watch lists should wear GPS monitors

–but the attacker who killed the priest in Normandy was wearing one, leading to second-guessing of authorities

–US reports it has grabbed large database on IS members and recruits and is sharing it with allies

–latest Turkey crackdown is on media, more than 100 outlets shut yesterday, including Gulen’s Zaman; Turkey presses US for Gulen extradition and Newsbud continues to press NBC for retraction of false info during coup attempt