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PBC News & Comment: Women Rejoice As Glass Ceiling is Broken

Hillary Clinton claims nomination in historic breakthrough, as Democrats ‘dominate a game we are no longer playing’ against Wildman Trump…..This podcast is dedicated to the memory of my friend Ethel Seiderman, who died Tuesday at age 84.

–Clinton’s speech was OK, Bill appeared to doze as she trotted out a strong of applause lines, high on aspiration and low on implementation

–final night of convention featured more war hawks and overdose of patriotism, positioning as GOP-lite

–fact-checkers find a few fibs and exaggerations in her speech

NY Times Republican columnist David Brooks gives Dem convention praise, adds “the Dems …just dominated a game we are no longer playing”

–Gareth Porter analyzes recent proposals from Clinton’s Pentagon-in-waiting, with Leon Panetta and Michele Flournoy advocating escalation in Syria

–Trump and Clinton will get security briefings soon, as Trump raises security doubts about himself, and his opponent

–Obama administration shifts tactics in still-misguided effort to change the thinking of pro-jihadi Americans

–Newbud sets NBC protest at 30 Rock for next Thursday, August 4

–al Qaeda HQ—wherever that is—gives OK for Nusra Front to split in order to thwart US-Russian alliance in Syria

–in trial testimony, Israeli soldier who executed wounded Palestinian testifies, offering false, self-serving testimony

–Israeli security minister seeks laws to force Facebook to censor Palestinian posts

–like EU’s immoral deal with Turkey, US will pay Costa Rica to fence in migrants headed to Estados Unidos, but we continue to deport people fleeing violence

–Sandy Pearlman, songwriter and producer for Blue Oyster Cult, dies at 72