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PBC News & Comment: Women Rejoice As Glass Ceiling is Broken

Hillary Clinton claims nomination in historic breakthrough, as Democrats ‘dominate a game we are no longer playing’ against Wildman Trump…..This podcast is dedicated to the memory of my friend Ethel Seiderman, who died Tuesday at age 84.

--Clinton’s speech was OK, Bill appeared to doze as she trotted out a strong of applause lines, high on aspiration and low on implementation

--final night of convention featured more war hawks and overdose of patriotism, positioning as GOP-lite

--fact-checkers find a few fibs and exaggerations in her speech

--NY Times Republican columnist David Brooks gives Dem convention praise, adds “the Dems …just dominated a game we are no longer playing”

--Gareth Porter analyzes recent proposals from Clinton’s Pentagon-in-waiting, with Leon Panetta and Michele Flournoy advocating escalation in Syria

--Trump and Clinton will get security briefings soon, as Trump raises security doubts about himself, and his opponent

--Obama administration shifts tactics in still-misguided effort to change the thinking of pro-jihadi Americans

--Newbud sets NBC protest at 30 Rock for next Thursday, August 4

--al Qaeda HQ—wherever that is—gives OK for Nusra Front to split in order to thwart US-Russian alliance in Syria

--in trial testimony, Israeli soldier who executed wounded Palestinian testifies, offering false, self-serving testimony

--Israeli security minister seeks laws to force Facebook to censor Palestinian posts

--like EU’s immoral deal with Turkey, US will pay Costa Rica to fence in migrants headed to Estados Unidos, but we continue to deport people fleeing violence

--Sandy Pearlman, songwriter and producer for Blue Oyster Cult, dies at 72