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PBC News & Comment: Obama Calls Trump “Unfit to Serve”

Trump stepped into DNC trap in exchange with Muslim couple, Obama and GOP House member call Trump “unfit to serve”…–retiring GOP Rep. Richard Hanna is first Republican member to endorse Clinton

–author and commentator Thomas Frank says trade is the main policy issue that gives Trump traction, and that Clinton won’t fight for those voters

–Clinton campaign raised $63 million in July

–Clinton gets small convention bump in polls, as many voters seek another option

–polling expert repeats disproven myth that Nader caused Gore to lose in 2000

–Trump warns supporters that the election might be rigged

–Hillary says she “loves” the idea of naming Obama to Supreme Court, but your humble host disagrees

–in latest setback for GOP voter suppression laws, federal judge bars North Dakota form enforcing photo ID law

–death toll of migrants trying to cross Mediterranean climbs to 4,000

–US plans to keep bombing Libya with “no end point” at the moment

–abandoned CIA officer Sabrina deSousa sends an update from Portugal, where she is stuck awaiting extradition to Italy

–last week, the US State Dept. criticized Israel for expanding illegal settlements, this week, Obama will agree to increase US military aid to Israel above the current $3.1 billion per year, read Glenn Greenwald’s take here

–in our Newsbud video interview, journalist Gareth Porter talks about “Hillary’s Hawks”, including possible defense pick Michelle Fluornoy

–Nick Merrill, NYC web hoster who fought FBI National Security Letter, is free of gag order, and offers some details