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PBC News & Comment: Obama Calls Trump “Unfit to Serve”

Trump stepped into DNC trap in exchange with Muslim couple, Obama and GOP House member call Trump “unfit to serve”…--retiring GOP Rep. Richard Hanna is first Republican member to endorse Clinton

--author and commentator Thomas Frank says trade is the main policy issue that gives Trump traction, and that Clinton won’t fight for those voters

--Clinton campaign raised $63 million in July

--Clinton gets small convention bump in polls, as many voters seek another option

--polling expert repeats disproven myth that Nader caused Gore to lose in 2000

--Trump warns supporters that the election might be rigged

--Hillary says she “loves” the idea of naming Obama to Supreme Court, but your humble host disagrees

--in latest setback for GOP voter suppression laws, federal judge bars North Dakota form enforcing photo ID law

--death toll of migrants trying to cross Mediterranean climbs to 4,000

--US plans to keep bombing Libya with “no end point” at the moment

--abandoned CIA officer Sabrina deSousa sends an update from Portugal, where she is stuck awaiting extradition to Italy

--last week, the US State Dept. criticized Israel for expanding illegal settlements, this week, Obama will agree to increase US military aid to Israel above the current $3.1 billion per year, read Glenn Greenwald's take here

--in our Newsbud video interview, journalist Gareth Porter talks about “Hillary’s Hawks”, including possible defense pick Michelle Fluornoy

--Nick Merrill, NYC web hoster who fought FBI National Security Letter, is free of gag order, and offers some details