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PBC News & Comment: Federal Appeals Courts Strike Down Voter Suppression Laws

Major ruling in North Carolina restrictive voting law says GOP targeted African Americans “with almost surgical precision”; Wisconsin ruling similar….–since 2013 Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act, red states have rushed to limit voting, mostly by Democrats, courts are recognizing racist intent

–in Sparta, Georgia, sheriff’s deputies went to homes of black voters to challenge registration and intimidate them from voting, and it worked

NY Times illustrates analysis of US voters, and reports that only 9 per cent of our population voted for Trump or Clinton in the primaries

–Black Lives Matter Coalition releases list of 6 demands for presidential candidates

–Trump’s attack on Muslim parents of dead vet draws strong rebuke from GOP leaders like McCain, but they still endorse him

–in op-ed, neocon intellectual Max Boot details how the GOP became the “stupid party” and created Donald Trump

–Jay Bybee, who was rewarded with federal judge post after approving Bush torture memos, rejects evidence derived from waterboarding in case of Mexican suspect

— Center for Constitutional Rights decries decision to keep Mohammed al Qahtani at Guantanamo, the only prisoner confirmed to have been tortured at Gitmo

–Center for Constitutional Rights appeals dismissal of case where FBI agents put law abiding American Muslims on No Fly list in effort to force them to inform

–in Syria, Russian chopper shot down, 5 killed

–Turkey’s dictator Erdogan claims direct control over military, continues purge

–two years after it disappeared, MH flight 370 search is ended, as expert suspects pilot intentionally flew it into the water, probably the Indian Ocean