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PBC News & Comment: Federal Appeals Courts Strike Down Voter Suppression Laws

Major ruling in North Carolina restrictive voting law says GOP targeted African Americans “with almost surgical precision”; Wisconsin ruling similar….--since 2013 Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act, red states have rushed to limit voting, mostly by Democrats, courts are recognizing racist intent

--in Sparta, Georgia, sheriff’s deputies went to homes of black voters to challenge registration and intimidate them from voting, and it worked

--NY Times illustrates analysis of US voters, and reports that only 9 per cent of our population voted for Trump or Clinton in the primaries

--Black Lives Matter Coalition releases list of 6 demands for presidential candidates

--Trump’s attack on Muslim parents of dead vet draws strong rebuke from GOP leaders like McCain, but they still endorse him

--in op-ed, neocon intellectual Max Boot details how the GOP became the “stupid party” and created Donald Trump

--Jay Bybee, who was rewarded with federal judge post after approving Bush torture memos, rejects evidence derived from waterboarding in case of Mexican suspect

-- Center for Constitutional Rights decries decision to keep Mohammed al Qahtani at Guantanamo, the only prisoner confirmed to have been tortured at Gitmo

--Center for Constitutional Rights appeals dismissal of case where FBI agents put law abiding American Muslims on No Fly list in effort to force them to inform

--in Syria, Russian chopper shot down, 5 killed

--Turkey’s dictator Erdogan claims direct control over military, continues purge

--two years after it disappeared, MH flight 370 search is ended, as expert suspects pilot intentionally flew it into the water, probably the Indian Ocean